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Isha Shukla (Co-Founder)

Isha Shukla , an architect/designer by profession and avid travel photojournalist since 2007. Being a Design School graduate and coming from an art background, initially the focus was mostly on architecture photography and travel portraits. Isha travelled across India for the photojournalistic works, many published in various magazines/articles. Soon her interest in wedding photography grew and became the main focus of her. Over time this dream became a full-time venture with over 250+ weddings photographed by 2019.

Isha Shukla eventually moved to New York City, USA and currently resides in the States. With more than 250 wedding assignments covered across cultures and nationalities, she got to know about new cultures and different ways in which this important day is celebrated in people's lives. She likes to be not only a photographer, but also good friend for our couples to provide them with memories that would remain with them for ages to come.

Wedding Films have become the second most sought after service after documentary wedding photography ever since she started in-house wedding films during the wedding season of 2013-14.

Varun H Shah (Co-Founder)

Varun Shah a veteran photographer who has been gifting patrons a box of gilded memories in the form of pictures is working since 2013. With a niche in contemporary and photojournalistic wedding photography, Varun has experimented with almost all the genres of photography till now. Whether it is Weddings, Fashion, product or event photography, Varun has made sure to capture click bait snaps every time. He has engaged in more than 200 projects till now and is successively working with some of the biggest brands and dignified personalities of the city.

Varun started his photographic journey since he was studying his Masters in Business Administration from the United States of America and during those days of studying management, he explored his enlightenment in photography. Initiating his journey in the form of a hobby, it did not take more than a year for him to grab professional photography projects within his bag. Varun believes photography moreover as an art. The aesthetics applied while clicking a masterpiece lures his interest. Just like an artist uses a brush to sketch a caricature, it is Varun’s DSLR that designs his work of art. His strokes of the brush are the angles from where he captures the subject and brings them to life. His belief of using photography as a medium of expression is something that is rarely visible in contemporary photographers. Envisioning a frame before capturing it in the lens and then converting that imagination into a portrait is something where he is apt.

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